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When working together, there are many things you can expect. Here are just a few of the most important aspects of digital marketing that lead to success and can most efficiently and effectively impact your bottom line.


It isn't enough to have copy that sells -- your site needs to have copy, written by an SEO expert, that sells itself to search engines as well


A website is only worth the investment if it converts. Analytics, data and A/B testing lead to significantly better conversions.


Keyword rankings and conversion-worthy traffic that skyrocket. (Because who doesn't love a good rocket ship analogy...?)


Using timely data integration, based on insights that are important to you and your business, to quickly adapt your site.

We are a top local SEO firm, and we love working on behalf of all our clients to increase their client base though digital marketing. Since 2009, we have been in the digital marketing business, helping local and national businesses increase their exposure and revenue, by improving their website visibility in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We are able to accomplish this by implementing a set of strategic alterations to websites, which helps to boost its topical relevance and broaden its reach online. These on-site changes are then accompanied by carefully crafted link building and paid media campaigns, all of which goes a long way in generating more targeted traffic into the site. Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO Memphis SEO


We have been helping companies grow since 2009

Rated as one of the top 10 SEO firms

For two years in a row, Thumbtrack.com rated us as the best web design firm


SEO is fundamentally a holistic process that works to make your website attractive to the search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines. This boosts the ranking of your website for particular search terms, especially those that your customers enter in the search engines when browsing the internet for the products and services you offer.

In general, the higher you rank, the more the number of people that see your site for the keywords you’re targeting. This helps bring in more traffic, leading to more leads and more revenue in sales.


We usually start the campaign with a comprehensive website audit. This helps us find out which search terms you’re ranking for and the ones that you aren’t. We’ll then check your website to identify any technical issues that need to be resolved.

As part of the process, we’ll assess the links that point to your website elsewhere on the internet and find out if any need to be removed or changed. We’ll also work to find out the how your business can benefit from a marketing campaign. Your business could be more suited to a local SEO improvement, driving more engagement or foot traffic, or simply get a bigger boost from more phone calls​

Next, we’ll walk you through the various technical issues on your site that need fixing, and outline the steps we can take to improve your website’s on-page optimization.  As SEO experts, we can develop thrilling web content that can not only delight your customers and move them further down the sales funnel, but also help improve the ranking of your site in search. We’ll also work to nurture your link profile, making sure that your website is receiving the traffic it deserves. 

We’ll also make your website ready for mobile. Today, mobile optimization as well as voice search optimization is more important than ever. If you want to be successful, you can no longer ignore the mobile performance of your site. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re are ranking on both mobile and desktop. 

Looking for data? We’ll provide it. In fact, we can provide you with as much data as you want, since data-driven SEO is the core of how we do business. We’ll give you custom, in-depth analytics to prove where your money is going. Are you just getting started with web development or have you already spent lots of money on a website that looks good but isn’t getting any real traffic? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people, and it’s certainly no fun waking up to the reality that even the best-looking website will be useless without traffic. This is why we build all our sites with SEO in mind.


Are you just getting started with website development or possibly you spent a lot of money for a site that looks good but that’s not attracting any real traffic? Unfortunately, we see this all too often and the sad reality is that even the best looking website is useless without traffic. That’s why all of our sites are built specifically with search engine optimization in mind. With every site we develop, we integrate conversion rate optimization (optimized for sales), on-page optimization and user experience and usability best practices.

Our websites codebase is always optimized for speed and for mobile responsiveness and we leverage customized analytics reporting in order to give you a complete picture of how your website is performing online. We do all this while maintaining a site that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.


The ROI is perhaps the most important thing for most businesses when hiring a digital marketing agency. Whether you want to reach a global, national, or local audience, we have the experience to implement a solid digital marketing campaign and grow your business. The ROI of such a project will vary from client to client, but in many cases, the ROI will be dependent on the primary KPI that you want to achieve. 

For most businesses, the ROI will be measured by the fulfillment of a certain goal as outlined in the discovery and research phase of your campaign. Goals that are usually associated with the targeted traffic include repeat visitors, subscriptions, email opt-ins, conversions, etc. Although the results will vary from business to business, we have previously been able to achieve an ROI of anywhere from 100% to 900% for our clients within the first 12 months of a digital marketing campaign. 

The more frequent and the higher your site ranks, the more the people that see your website for the keywords you’re targeting. This helps drive more traffic, leading to ore leads, and hence more sales.


With digital marketing and SEO specifically, there’s no destination. You obviously want your content to rank on the first page of Google, but you often find that what you learn along the way is much more valuable than the high search rankings. Even for beginners, it’s possible to start noticing results within a few months.  If you implement SEO properly, you can experience some impressive results in about 3 or 4 months. Moreover, the results you get after 12 months of implementing local or national SEO will crush what you had at about 3 months. However, this will be all for nothing if you don’t put in the work. It takes days, weeks, and even months of dedicating your time to this if you want to see results.

If you are like most and you’re currently busy running the daily activities of your business, getting the time to dedicate to marketing your sites online and improving your on-page SEO might be close to impossible. This is where experts like us come in.  Our SEO specialists will essentially oversee the optimization of your entire site, and ensure you maintain the high rankings once they’re achieved. You won't have to spend months doing grueling research and testing things out to see what works and what doesn’t. How long it will take to get your site ranked varies, but having a specialist take care of the daily SEO activities will definitely speed things up.


Gran Toster SEO Testimonial

Alex Lancaster

Saab Media

When we needed help with the design and development of our new site, we reached out to Gran Toster SEO. They were very receptive to our feedback, noted our requirements and were very efficient for the duration of the project.

Lauren Hancock

Rend Group LLC

I loved working with the Gran Toster SEO team. They are knowledgeable, professional and prompt while managing to connect with people and assist with resources. They helped us strategize, develop a new website and successfully attract new customers.

Alex Bradford

Bradford Roofing Inc

After working with more than a handful of other SEO companies, I found this one. This is the first time I have had such incredible, speedy results. It was great how my ranking went up much sooner than expected. I would definitely work with them again. Thanks!


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