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I have a proven track record for improving search engine rankings, developing effective content strategies, and boosting your business's online presence.


I pursue relationships based on transparency, mutual trust, and integrity with my clients. 

Greetings! I am a digital marketing consultant, freelance writer, Wordpress wizard, and a Memphis Grizzlies fan. I am a proud Memphian that loves Memphis history, culture, music, sports, and food. I am passionate about writing, online marketing, SEO best practices, networking, web design, and online content.


I wholeheartedly believe that organizations--both professional and non-profit--can benefit from proven, online marketing methods, such as:

  • search engine optimization best practices
  • proper usage of social media outreach
  • using an authoritative and unique voice

Grant Oster

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Most marketing agencies make you deal with numerous representatives that often consider their clients as nothing more than numbers. Work with an individual who deals with you from start to finish, not a slew of faceless agents.

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A respected, internet marketing freelancer that is changing the way businesses market, sell, and grow online.

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My digital marketing work speaks for itself. I deliver a personal, passionate and tailored service to each and every one of my clients, no matter the size.