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5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119


5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119


When we talk about creating a sitemap, the SEO benefits of a sitemap are numerous. But for the record, let's make sure we are on the same page. There are two different types of sitemaps. There is the user-driven sitemap; this is the sitemap page which acts as a roadmap, it is an index of the main pages of the website--sort of like a table of contents. Then there is a sitemap xml file. This is...

2016 was a crazy year for SEO. Lots of changes in Google. Lots of changes… Here are SEO predictions for 2017 RankBrain is slow and sneaky (and because we only track 500-ish words), we won’t notice any changes, but 2017 will experience the biggest shift in SERP history. Long tails are going to see massive swings. I’m setting up campaigns in one my tools to track 10 competitors, in various industries, 2000 keywords deep. AMP will—more so—become...

Update: The contest is still going on. Due to capacity, I never got around to doing anything with my entry--which is a good thing and a bad thing. Based on the competitors that I have seen, there is one that is clearly a winner in my book: His site isn't flashy. It won't win any awards for UX, but it has great content and is technically sound. I hope he wins. If you are in the SEO...

If mobile technology were devised for the people on-the-go, then why is it slower than the fast-paced generation today? Mobile browsers can't keep up and are prone to a lot of problems due to bugs and advertisement overload, which seems to slow down and even lead to frequent crashes. This is a dilemma shared by a lot of mobile users, and they are looking forward to innovative updates to make mobile browsing fun and lightning fast. The...

Whether you are new to the online community, or been around for a while, niche leadership is quite a common phrase to encounter. You know that it’s a good thing, all the entrepreneurship sites say so, but you just don’t know how to get started. Niche leaders are those who have found their places in particular niches, and built themselves up as authorities in their fields. It is achievable by anyone who wants to develop their...